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Cycle Survival

Cycle for Survival: A Day of Giving

Yesterday, Sunday March 8th I had the amazing experience of participating in Cycle for Survival, an incredible event that raises millions of dollars every year to fund research for rare cancers. The event takes place at many Equinox gyms across the country, and each rider campaigns to raise money to help fund the cancer research.

I rode yesterday at Equinox Bryant Park here in New York City. The event was four hours long and each team (there were 8 of us) has team members ride for one hour- although some teams have their riders ride for the full four hours. While you’re not riding, your team members as well as many other attendees, supporters and cheerleaders and more cheer the riders on- pushing them to finish their ride and reach the finish line.

Although the event is over you can still donate through the end of March to help fund cancer research; the more money we raise the more lives we can save.

To donate to my team, Team Frye, click here. Thank you for your support!

I would encourage absolutely everyone to participate in the amazing event next year.

Isabel cycle survival

Isabel during the hour of biking for Team Frye at Cycle for Survival

Team Members

Members of Team Frye: Judy Taylor, Isabel Smith, and Karen Marx (left to right)

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