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Meet Isabel, your nutrition, fitness and wellness guru.

Isabel is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and a Masters of Science in Nutrition Communications; and of course she is also the founder of and CEO of Isabel Smith Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Isabel is a life-long health, fitness and wellness lover, and began her passion and journey at the age of 11. Isabel’s vision and mission have always been to help as many people as she can to heal their body and mind through good, healthful habits and nourishing food.


Isabel has helped hundreds of clients of all backgrounds and ages to reach their fitness, wellness and nutrition goals through her ultra successful and customized method of nutrition and wellness coaching. Isabel focuses on hormone balance, weight loss, athletic performance optimization, blood sugar control, oncology, but she is trained in all areas of clinical and functional nutrition and uses her training to help clients with various types of health issues and goals.

In addition to working with individual and corporate clients, Isabel writes for various digital publications like Mind Body Green and Reboot with Joe, and her expert opinion is often featured in publications like Elle, Glamour, Women’s Health and more. Isabel is also an advisor and consultant for various food and health-minded brands.

Isabel loves to live the life she preaches, so when she’s not working she can often be found trying new cooking recipes and gym classes; and when she’s not doing that she can often be found in Central Park with her Yorkshire Terriers Sasha and Henry.